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Flea Preferences; Us or the Pets

Flea Preferences; Us or the Pets

Fleas are typically associated with your pet. They generally live on cats, dogs and other warm-blooded animals and birds as their feathers and fur are great for hiding and reproducing in. Small, wingless, brown coloured parasites that bite and suck blood to survive.

But they can also bite you, becoming an annoyance not only for your pet, but you as well. Though fleas do not live on human bodies. They can jump up to 13 inches, so its easy for them to transfer from your beloved pets to you.

The transfer of fleas is most often from an infested pet bed or carpet, as well as from your pet. Which means you are more likely to find bites around your feet, ankles and legs. But because we do not provide the best conditions for them to reproduce, fleas needing a constant hidden supply of blood (upwards of 12 hours of feeding) to be able to lay their eggs, you are likely to find and remove them.

It's because of this that animals and birds are preferred breeding grounds for fleas.