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Earwigs get their name from an old wives’ tales that they crawl into people’s ears and tunnel into their brain while they sleep. This is of course false and has no backing from a scientific standpoint, but its understandable why people would be worried about these creatures with their mean looking pincers.

They before cold, damp areas with lost of condensation and can be often found in basements or garden foliage in the summer months. Though threat to humans they can damage your neatly groomed garden.

In order to get rid of or prevent an infestation of earwigs, steps should be taken to remove any sites they may be harbouring in such as leaf and mulch piles, or mossy vegetation. Log piles should not sit near next to the home which would create an organic free perimeter around the property. Bushes and trees that create damp shaded areas should be considered being cut back and gutters cleaned properly to avoid damp areas that are perfect spots for this pest.