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Doctor issues cockroach warning to coffee drinkers

Doctor issues cockroach warning to coffee drinkers

Dr Karan Raj shared a video on TikTok to warn of the gross link between pre-ground coffee beans and cockroaches - plenty of viewers have now sworn off coffee for life.

It may be time to look away if you’re someone who cannot make it through the day without a form of coffee.  Dr Karan Raj, who has millions of followers of TikTok with his informative videos, grossed people out by dropping a bombshell stating there is a high chance of it containing crushed up cockroaches.

He explained: "Pre-ground coffee, like you get in most stores, contain ground-up cockroaches. A certain percentage of coffee beans become infested with cockroaches and other insects. Usually they can't be processed out completely, so they just get roasted and ground up with the coffee beans. Most food authorities allow for a certain percentage of bug parts in our food."

He tried to rescue it slightly by adding: "Cockroaches are high in protein", before warning: "If you're allergic to cockroaches, I'd stay away from pre-ground coffee."

The theory has been backed up by University of Montana biology professor Douglas Emlen, who says after years of studying insects and their relationships with humans, one of his old professors became badly allergic to cockroaches from handling them so often.