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Do cockroaches carry diseases?

Do cockroaches carry diseases?

The health risks associated with cockroach infestations seem to be mainly food contamination and allergic asthma, rather than transmitting a disease directly. This is according to a review of public health risks.

Many studies have found that cockroaches feed on human excrement, they have a key role in the spread of many diseases. There is a huge list of bacteria, fungus, viruses and moulds that cockroaches carry and transfer. They also carry an amoeba that causes dysentery.

Asthma caused by an allergy to cockroaches is a big health concern. According to a study carried out in 2005, children living poor urban areas in the US were at greater risk of having an asthmatic allergy to cockroaches than to cats, dogs and dust mites.

This study also found that improper use and application of insecticides may create potential exposure problems in people. So, if you purchase products from us, please make sure you follow our instructions carefully and correctly!