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Rat Population Explosion?

Rats around a foot long have been spotted inside and around homes since lockdown, due to restaurants being closed and the becoming increasingly more desperate to find a source of food.

Usually reliant on waste from restaurants as a easily ready food source, the lockdowns have caused them to go further out to find food. Couple this with more people staying home and ordering takeaways has made peoples homes a more attractive place to scavenge.

Reports of rats scurrying up toiles to gain access to people’s homes and bird feeders becoming over-run as the unwanted critters scavenge for food. It has all gone on to fuel an increase in call outs to pest experts in domestic premises and it’s set to get busier as more people start going back to their offices.

With female rats able to give birth 6 times as year with a litter of up to 12 each time we could be set for a large explosion in the rat populace it looks like pest controllers may have their hands full this summer.

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