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Surge in rodent activity due to Covid-19

When Coronavirus hit the UK’s shores I don’t think anyone could have predicted what was about to happen. Tens of thousands of people were infected and millions were furloughed. Thousands of businesses up and down the country were closed and people were told to stay in their homes. This led to reduced bin collections which in turn has led to increased rodent activity.

Reduced bin collections mean the abundance of food waste has dramatically increased over the lockdown months which is always going to attract rodents. Sarah Applegate, head of general insurance insights at Aviva, said there were a “number of possible reasons” behind the rise. “Reduced bin collections may have led to new food sources for pests at people’s homes,” she said. “Or there’s the chance that people may have just become more aware of mice and rats because they’ve been at home and have been able to spot them – when they might ordinarily have been at work or school. Most home insurance policies do not cover rodent infestations as part of their standard terms. However there are specialist policies available and certain add-ons which provide cover.”

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