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Beacon FM89 Mouse & Rat Repeller from Rentokil

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The Beacon FM89 Advanced Mouse & Rat Repeller from Rentokil is the most effective rodent repeller on the market. This is an effective way to deter rats and mice from your property without having to use mouse poison or glue traps for rats.

  • Dual action – ultrasonic and electromagnetic
  • Combination of high-frequency sound and electrical signal drives rodents out from roof spaces, cavity walls and under floorboards
  • Covers one floor or up to 232m2 
  • Safe for use in homes with children, cats and dogs
Product Information
The Beacon FM89 Advanced Mouse & Rat Repeller is dual action – it produces an ultrasonic frequency that is only audible to rats and mice and also produces an electromagnetic field through the wiring of a building, both of which rodents find hard to tolerate.  This combination of signals penetrates walls and floors, thus driving rats and mice out from within cavity walls, under floorboards and in roof spaces, where the majority of rodent infestations tend to be found.

One repeller will provide effective coverage to one floor of a building or approximately 232 m2 (2500 sq ft), so we would recommend purchasing one unit per floor (i.e. upstairs and downstairs). It has no adverse effect on wiring, cabling or electrical equipment.

Directions for use
Simply plug in to an electric socket and turn the power on. The red LED light will show that the product is working. 

The Beacon FM89 Repeller can be safely used in homes with children, cats and/or dogs; however, it should not be used around rodent pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters etc.

For indoor use only.

While repellers often prove very effective, we would always recommend they be used as an extra line of defence in conjunction with a traditional method of rodent control (e.g rat poison, mouse traps). They are ideal for helping prevent re-infestation once an initial rodent infestation has been cleared and also serve as an excellent deterrent to rodents seeking shelter, particularly in apartment blocks and rows of terraced houses, where neighbouring properties may have a rat or mouse problem.


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