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TomCat Mole Trap / Talpirid Mole Trap

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The Tomcat Mole Trap is the exact same mole trap as used by professional pest control technicians!

  • Innovative and effective design
  • Safer to use than traditional mole trap
  • Easy-set foot pedal
  • Robust all-weather construction
Product Information
The Tomcat Mole Trap is a heavy-duty professional-standard mole killer, which is new to the UK market. The innovative design is the first major breakthrough in mole control in years and was developed following rigorous field tests to ensure this mole trap is not only safer and easier to use but also more effective and durable than traditional mole traps.

With a weight of just over 1kg, this heavy-duty mole catcher is a professional device and should not be confused with other lightweight mole traps available for amateur use.

The Talpirid Mole Trap / TomCat Mole Trap has a highly sensitive trigger, ensuring moles can’t sneak through. The curved scissor-like jaws allow more clearance when the trap is set and help scoop moles into the trap once triggered. The durable, glass-filled nylon and zinc coated springs make this trap extremely reliable. The powerful spring mechanism allows traps to be used in most soil conditions, unlike weaker traps which can only function in sandy soil.

The main safety benefit of the Talpirid Mole Killer
 is that it is set with your foot, keeping your hands away from the trap’s jaws during the setting process, so causing no risk to fingers. In addition, once set, the mole trap is tamper-resistant and so almost impossible to accidentally trigger from above ground.

Directions for use
Unlike other traps, with the Talpirid / TomCat Mole Killer you do not need to dig down into the mole tunnel to set the trap. Once you have established the location of the mole tunnel, you simply need to make an indentation in the ground with your heel; the built-in Depth Gauge in the mole trap will fit into the indentation to confirm the correct depth.  The mole trap should then be positioned so that the indentation is centred between the trap’s jaws, with the mole tunnel perpendicular to the trap. The trap is set by stepping down on the yellow foot pedal until the trigger post comes through the slot and can be pressed flush with the foot pedal.

A raised foot pedal indicates that a mole has been caught. To release the dead mole, set the trap on a bucket and compress the pedal with both hands.

If the mole trap has not triggered after 48 hours, the trap can be moved to another location. Before re-locating, press down on the safety release button with a dowel/stick; the trap will spring upwards when the latch is released. Remove the trap and move to another active mole run and reset the trap as before.

Each mole trap comes packaged with full instructions for use.

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