Maxforce® White IC Cockroach Killer Gel 2 x 30g

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Maxforce® White IC Cockroach Gel is a professional use killer gel, ideal for use in commercial kitchens.
  • Twinpack of 2 x 30g gels.
  • Powerful and fast-acting – kills infestations within 6 days
  • Discreet and easy to apply,  stays in place and does not dry out
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 54°C
  • For professional use only.
Product information
Maxforce® White IC is the ultimate cockroach killer and the first choice of treatment for professional pest control technicians. Recent improvements the formulation have made Maxforce® White IC even more potent!

Powerful and fast-acting, this gel delivers outstanding results, achieving maximum pest control within 6 days of application, although many will die within 24 hours.

Maxforce® White IC Cockroach Gel contains imidacloprid, which has such a rapid knockdown effect that it can kill cockroaches that have ingested it within an hour. This highly effective cockroach killer gel also works through a ‘domino effect’  – remaining cockroaches are killed through secondary poisoning after feeding on the carcasses of others in their group.

Maxforce® White IC is particularly suitable for treatment of cockroaches in commercial kitchens (e.g. restaurants, takeaways and food processing plants) as it is easy to apply, stays in place and is able to withstand temperatures of up to 54°C. The effect of the gel is long-lasting as it does not dry out, so remains palatable to cockroaches for an extended period. Other benefits of this excellent cockroach product are that no special preparation is required prior to application and minimal disruption is caused to the user as the area does not need to be vacated during or after treatment.

Each tube contains 30g of cockroach gel and will treat an area of up to 300m2.

Directions for use
Depending on the degree of infestation, one spot of gel should be applied every 1m.

For best results, we recommend using one of our Applicator Guns to apply the Maxforce® White IC as this will help you achieve a professional application of the gel.
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